Hexham Races – The Most Northerly National Hunt Course

Hexham races have been taking place since 1926 when the jumps course first opened. Races occur throughout the majority of the calendar year, with the only month absent of any activity being February. This ensures everyone has the chance to enjoy the entertainment. The racecourse is the most northerly out of all the National Hunt courses in England, and it is only 20 miles from Newcastle and 40 miles from Carlisle. It is located high up on the moors at High Yarridge, and is 800 feet above sea level. Read on to discover more.

Hexham Racecourse features a left-handed circuit, which is one and a half miles in circumference. The run-in is approximately 250 yards, and there is a short uphill climb as you come to the finishing straight. This National Hunt course has ten fences and it is had provided many thrilling races over the years. One of the good things about Hexham races is that there does not tend to be a lot of fallers, and this is because the fences are rather easy. Despite this, there is a large number of unseats at the track, which could be because there are a lot of races of a lower standard.

What To Expect From Hexham Racecourse

The thing that tends to catch most horses out here is the testing finish. A horse may look to be comfortably clear, but it can often be the case that they have kicked for home too early, as the uphill conclusion to the race can result in a very slow finish for some horses. Another thing to be aware of is the fact that there are quite a few undulations. The surroundings here are truly beautiful, and most jockeys state that they enjoy riding at Hexham Racecourse. Some of the leading jockeys at this venue include Patrick Buchanan and Brian Hughes.

Out of all of the Hexham races, the one that draws the most attention is the Heart of All England Hunter Chase. This is a maiden race of three miles and one furlong. It is open to horses that are five years old and above. It tends to take place in late April or early May. If you go to watch a race here, you have a choice of two enclosures, the Paddock Enclosure and the Club Enclosure, the latter of which is around £18 per ticket and the Paddock Enclosure is around £10. Hexham Racecourse also holds corporate events, such as seminars, conferences, and private parties.