Horse Racing Tips UK – New To Betting?

Horse racing tips UK wide are ideal for those who are new to betting. With so much to consider, and so many betting options to choose from, it can often be a bit overwhelming when it comes to making your first selection. This is why a helping hand is often welcome. But, before you dash off to pick the winner, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Read on for a basic introduction to horse racing tips as well as some top advice on draw bias and the role this plays at some tracks.

An Introduction To Horse Racing Tips

There is no point in simply looking for the best horse racing tips UK wide if you do not have the first clue about betting yourself. The first rule is that you should never simply bet on the favourite. Did you know that bookmakers get their prices wrong more often than they get them right? The favourite only comes home first around 30 per cent of the time. This means that if you bet on the favourite all of the time you are not going to make a profit. The key is to look for where the most value lies. Aside from this, you need to get to know your horses if you are to tell the good horse racing tips from the bad. It is not unusual for horses to put together winning streaks of two to three wins out of five races, and thus it is always a good idea to look for a horse that won easy last time out. You also need to assess the other horses, for example, the chances of an outsider staying the pace are reduced if there are a few front running horses in the race. If you want to go for the big priced horse racing UK tips, you need to look for horses that can be excused for their previous bad runs. For example, maybe the conditions did not suit or maybe the horse needed the run after a long break.

UK Horse Racing Tips And Draw Bias

Another factor that needs to be considered when looking for UK horse racing tips is the draw the horse has. There are some racecourses where the draw has a huge influence on the horse’s chance of winning a race. This influence is maximised in races that are less than a mile because the horse does not have a lot of time to overcome the disadvantage. The 5f course at Beverley is one track that has a distinct draw bias. Horses that are drawn low have a huge advantage, as they don’t have to run as fast as the horses that have been drawn high because the uphill finish slopes to the left. Statistics back this up; over the past 490 runs, there have been 11 wins combined from stalls 10 and 11 while there have been 70 combined wins from 1 and 2. Perhaps a course with an even more significant draw bias is Chester. When looking for tips for todays horse racing UK, you should be sceptical about any tips that recommend horses drawn from stall 11 or higher, especially in the 5f races but also in the 6f and 7f races. In the 5f races at Chester, no horse has won from stall 11 or higher in the past 180 runs. Other courses with draw bias include Catterick, Thirsk and Lingfield (turf). At Catterick, it is an advantage to be drawn low while a high draw at both Lingfield and Thirsk can prove beneficial. Of course, this is just one of many factors to be considered, and this is why RedHotRaceTips analyses over 1,000 statistics when choosing todays horse racing tips UK.

Get Started With Horse Racing Tips UK Wide From RedHotRaceTips

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