Hugh Taylor Tips – At The Races’ Main Man

Hugh Taylor tips are some of the better horse racing tips in the industry. While there are other tipsters working for At The Races, such as regular Gary O’Brien and speed expert Lawrence Taylor, most people head straight to Hugh Taylor’s selections. On the At The Races website, you’ll find Taylor’s tips for every race as part of a regular feature, as well as his NAPs for the day. In this guide we are going to provide you with further information about using racing tips in general as well as taking a look at Hugh Taylor and his track record.

Should You Follow Horse Racing Tips?

There is no denying that horse racing tips are very popular, not only Hugh Taylor At The Races tips, but there are many television pundits and newspaper tipsters that are popular around the country. In fact, we are seeing a lot of social media tipsters become popular as well. But, do you really need to use horse racing tips today? That’s entirely up to you; you don’t have to copy the tipster’s every selection. A lot of people use them as guidance, perhaps to confirm a selection they already have in mind. One thing that is crucial to remember is that there are no guarantees in a race; if you strongly fancy a horse, and Hugh Taylor tips another horse. Go with the one you had in mind! There is no worse feeling than losing your money and seeing the horse you would have gone with cross the line first. Just because they are an expert, doesn’t mean their tip is going to better – everyone has access to all of the crucial factors, such as form guides, weight advantage, trainer statistics, and such like. You may have the time to conduct more thorough research. And, of course, there is always the chance that a 50/1 rank outsider could cause an upset that no one expected. So, in answer to the question; should you use race tips? Yes, use them as guidance, but don’t take them as law or you will find yourself very disappointed.

All You Need To Know About Hugh Taylor Horse Racing Tips

Now let’s take a look at Hugh Taylor horse racing tips. There is no denying that Hugh Taylor is one of the better tipsters, and one thing a lot of people like is that At The Races keep a track record of his previous tips, which is not often the case with other tipsters. The only issue, and it is a big one, is that a lot of people feel it is impossible to make a significant profit by following his tips. The only way you are able to do so is if you make sure you get onto the tips straight away so you can extract maximum value from the prices. If you can get on his tips as soon as they are released, then you can make a good profit. But, this requires a lot of patience, and a lot of spare time. Unfortunately, as Hugh Taylors tips are widely watched in the industry, when he backs a horse at a big price, the bookmakers respond and lower their prices. If you simply follow Hugh Taylor racing tips on their own, you won’t find yourself making much. That’s why you should consider using RedHotRaceTips instead or combined with Taylor’s At The Races selections. Our tipping system is much more comprehensive; it gives you the ability to view stats analysis on all horses, discovering which horses have a realistic chance and offer value. This approach is much more accurate.

RedHotRaceTips Are More Accurate Than Hugh Taylor Tips!

Hugh Taylor tips may be some of the better ones in the industry, but RedHotRaceTips are even better. This is not something we simply expect you to take our word for. All you need to do is take a look at our past predications and our comprehensive betting system, and we are sure this will put your mind at ease. Our horse racing tips are based on more than 1,000 statistics, and they are provided in an easy colour coded ‘at a glance’ table; so you can get all the information you need in a matter of seconds. Head to our website,, to discover more.