Racing Tips UK – All The Information You Need To Pick A Winning Tip

Racing tips UK based can be found in a number of places, however, finding a quality tip is much more difficult. Selecting a winner is never easy, especially when there are a number of unknown factors, such as how the horse is going to perform on the day. These factors can always get in the way, even when all of the statistics point you in the direction of one horse that looks certain to be the winner. Nevertheless, if you carefully consider your horse racing tips you should be able to pick the winner enough times to make a significant profit.

Ten Of The Key Statistics Considered For Horse Race Tips

Let’s begin by looking at ten statistics that should help you to pick the best horse race tips. Of course, looking at the horse’s form is a must, but this is a given, so we are going to provide you with ten other vital aspects. Firstly, you need to look at the trainer’s form. Just like horses and jockeys, trainers go on runs, and thus if the trainer has a record of 0-25 in the past few weeks, it’s advisable to stay away. You also need to look at the course record of the jockey. Some jockeys perform better at certain courses; take Ruby Walsh at Cheltenham as a prime example. The course record is also important in regards to the trainer and the horse. If the horse has won at the course before, it is a good sign, and an even better sign if they have won over course and distance. Trainers also have good records at certain courses. Trainer and jockey combination is important when it comes to racing post tips UK based. If the jockey and trainer have a good record when teaming up, this should give you confidence. It is also worth finding out if the horse has gone the distance of the race before and how it faired. The class factor is also vital when assessing racing UK tips. If a horse ran well in a Class 4 contest, and has been dropped to a Class 6 race, it is likely to have a good chance. The trainer’s record in the race is also important as well as market moves. If the horse is well backed, it means connections fancy it.

Watching The Market Before Placing Your UK Racing Tips

It is worth elaborating on watching the market further. When it comes to market moves, there are two key terms you need to bare in mind; a ‘drifter’ is when the price is getting bigger, and a ‘steamer’ is when the price is getting shorter. If a horse’s price is getting shorter and shorter towards the start of a race, this is often a good sign, as it means the horse is well fancied. Nevertheless, market moves aren’t a guarantee, as they can sometimes be an indication that the bookmaker simply got the price wrong to begin with. There is a lot to consider when watching the market before placing your UK racing tips. It is all to do with timing. You can watch the market for too long and end up missing out on the value. You will also notice that jockey and trainer interviews can sometimes have an effect on the market. For example, if Richard Hannon appears on television and says he is not to confident about a horse’s chances, the odds will likely start to drift, as the bookies will push their prices. When looking for hot racing tips, it is advisable to find a tipping website that provides you with an insight into market moves. This is exactly what we do at RedHotRaceTips. When you look at our free UK racing tips, you will be able to see market moves and we will also highlight horses that are offering value.

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