Wexford Races – Great Atmosphere, Even Better Racing

Wexford races have been taking place since 1870. The area is known as one of the most pleasant parts of Ireland, and the people here are very friendly. A day at this racecourse is enjoyable to say the least, whether you are an avid racegoer or not. The sun is likely to be shining, and the course itself is a fun one. The view from the stands is exceptional, and the atmosphere is always lively and warm. Below, we will tell you a little bit more about what to expect from Wexford Racecourse, as well as some of the races that take place.

Wexford Racecourse hosts both flat and jump racing throughout the year. The track is rectangular, left-handed, and undulating, and it is nine furlongs in length. There is a slightly inclined two-furlong straight, but, on the whole, this is a sharp track, and you will find that speedy horses do well. When choosing your bet selections for flat races at Wexford, you ought to consider the front-runners, as they tend to be best suited to this circuit. It is also worth noting that it takes a considerable amount of rain for the ground to become soft, as the track takes rain well.

What To Expect From Racing At Wexford Racecourse

What about Wexford races on the National Hunt calendar? Well, there are six fences per circuit to navigate, with only one of these fences in the home straight. Again, this is a track that favours the speedy types, even more so in hurdles races. This is because this track is sharper, as it is placed within the chase course. The fences are regarded as fair, however, it is worth noting that there are a lot of undulations here, which leads most people to assume that it is a tough track to water.

Interestingly, the track at Wexford has not always run left-handed. This change occurred in 2015, and it represented the biggest change in the history of the racecourse. This has resulted in quite a unique setup because it means that the winning post is now past where the spectators are in the stands. If you want to enjoy Wexford races in person, you are assured to have a great day, as the racing is entertaining and the facilities are good too, including several bars, a cafeteria, and much more. There are also dedicated wheelchair viewing areas in the Ivy Room and Middle Stand.